About Us

A little but growing history about Roots Healthy Restaurant and our values as health orientated business.

From Spanish Ancestors at Roots Healthy Restaurant our philosophy is buen cambio. buen cambio means "good change".

"Buen cambio", meaning "good change" is the philosophy that sits right at our heart. It shapes every dish we create, and pushes us to find better ways in all that we do. we’re restless spirits. forever creating and making things better.

We have been practising buen cambio since 2000, when we first opened our restaurant doors in Kent, UK. Inspired by healthy nutritional food with veg or non-veg option, Roots Healthy Restaurant comes into its own. We have created an improved way of eating and enjoying food but most importantly staying healthy. At Healthy Roots Restaurant we do not cater alchoholic drinks as well as use alchohol in our recipes.

We always look to sharpen skills and refine recipes as well as experiment with produce and discover new tasty combinations. Our aim is to continue to get better for our customers and team, as well as our local community with every day.

A little ginger which warms you up with the chillis that gives you the kick. salad which is made a totally different way to nourish your body and soul. our healthy inspired menu from our ancestors has been created to soften, sustain, cherish and influence.

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We are passionate food lovers

Daniel Sanchez

Daniel is passionate almost about every food in every way. He also has a fantastic food pallet to go with to prove his love for food. He Learnt about food from an early age shadowing his mother. Daniel even though he is not a chef, but he is truly a chef's dream on what to put on a plate and food menu. Daniel knows how to pair flavours which most people would not on a plate together.

Nicole Gabbiadini

Nicole in her early years was a tour guide originating from Las Palmas from Spain. After that she worked on weekends whilst studying at University. One of her best qualities is she can impress guests and customers with her knowledge and passion for food has helped her start with Daniel Roots Restaurant fuelled healthy heaven.

No Alcohol needed

At Roots Restaurant believe socializing with your friends or family, even a stranger should not be at an expense of your health. This was one of the questions we asked when deciding to set up and establish Roots. This is why our bar as well our food is alcohol-free and we offer alternative beverages and our customers never regret the idea that alochol is not served on the food or available to drink.

Worldwide flavours

It is said that a lot of magnificent flavours can come from nature. This is the reason why whenever we need to come up with a new food our Kitchen team and management squad we try and incorporate the natured flavours across the globe in the recipes.

Using best ingredients with everything

At Roots Restaurant we use and break hundreds of eggs and since we care about animal welfare we only use eggs from barn hens which can roam as well as scratch and also spred the wings By doing this, we believe we can show that Roots Restaurant is committed to the promise to only use cage free eggs in all our food to Compassion in World Farming during 2012.